longboarding olimpico?


Suena a coña ,pero no es el dia de los inocentes y eso da que pensar , de hecho si al final fuera a si ,,,me partiria de risa jajaja. Copio/pego …..

Y si al final se cumple …. ole!!!!

Ariake, Tokyo, March 31, 3pm Japan Standard Time (JST): In an extraordinary news conference reported on Nippon News Network (Tokyo NNN), the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Troy McClure stated that the executive board of the IOC had decided that longboard surfing is to replace shortboarding at Tokyo 2020.

McClure said that it had been “debated at length over the past two weeks”and that this was a unanimous decision of the board. “From the outset the goal for the Tokyo Games was to make them more youthful and urban, and to increase the number of female participants. Under new IOC policies that allow sports to be added to the Games’ program to augment the permanent ‘core’ Olympic events, these Games will see karate, sport climbing, skateboarding and surfing make their Olympic debuts,” he said. “Of these, surfing with its long and short disciplines is the puzzling one. Although historically, longboard surfing has had zero sponsorship along with a fraction of the exposure of shortboarding in the mainstream media, we feel if given this Olympic platform it will have far broader appeal to the general public worldwide.”

The decision is destined to throw the team selections and preparations of the major surfing nations into chaos, and among the athletes and representatives of the governing bodies in attendance at the news conference, the initial reaction was one of bewilderment and disbelief.

“I’m bewildered!’ said Aerial Backhand of the Brazilian Surfing Association.

“I don’t believe it!” added Flip Tailslide from Surfing Australia.

“Well you better catch up,” countered McClure. “Who wants to watch you thrashers frantically wiggling your arses in the air at Chiba when we could be soaking in the graceful subtlety and glorious craft of the longer art.”

Or . . . maybe that was just a dream . . . but wait . . . isn’t that The Goat wanting to borrow a board off brother Stephen?


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